by Andrea Maksymjuk on September 08, 2017

My career in lashing began from being tired of working my 9-5 (Monday to Friday) and then also pushing myself to work weekends.  I thought to myself that I'm working so much, for someone else, and receiving little to no credit for the work that I've done.  My journey started in 2014 when I first discovered eyelash extensions.  It was then that I took the course and took the plunge to see if this was my calling.  It sure was!  I grew from working part-time evenings to working weekends, and then to exhausting myself with a full-time job (and a part-time passion).  Mind you, my "part-time passion" was making me more than my full time J-O-B.  

I decided to take a leap of faith and trust in GOD that leaving my full-time status would leave me with a career that I absolutely love, lashing.  It was hard saying goodbye to the cushy government job with benefits and a fantastic pension plan. My dad had always told me "you better not leave your government job for lashing." Sorry Dad. I QUIT!  

So now, I'm on my own and have a client base of about 7 clients a day (Tips to gain clients).  I'm doing well for myself, and I knew that at this point I needed to kick it up a notch (did I mention that I had a son to take care of as well?).  Yes, it was time I stepped it up.  Not only for me, but for my family as well.  I had a bit more time on my hands but I used my time wisely.  I prepared manuals, started training programs, and then... I moved to distrubution. Companies from all over the world were sending me samples and wanting me to buy their products.  

After MONTHS of testing, and trying to create something I loved - my company was built.  I had uploaded my website, used contacts from wherever I had them and my baby was born - LASH IT.  

The moral of my story is this: I could not have gotten this far without the love that I have for lashing.  Passion is key to success and finding true happiness in what you do on a daily basis.  The more you love your job, the more you'll want to keep going, and pushing to the top.  There's no other way but up from here.  

Keep Climbing, 

Andrea Mak



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