by Andrea Maksymjuk on September 08, 2017
Marketing isn't as easy as it sounds. Posting a few low quality images on your instagram with a couple hashtags just isn't going to cut it these days.  Social media has become a literal hub for companies around the world to get business.  We however need to think of ways to be "different" and stand out amongst the rest.  What makes your eyelash business better than the rest?  What makes clients want to stick with you, and not try the girl down the street? 
We need to discuss the fact that new trends, updates, and algorithms are coming out on a daily basis.  Many businesses are effectively using social platforms to grow their business like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, but here's a *TIP that will help you stay along the lines of not over doing it.*
Pick the Social Media Outlet that will benefit you the most, and do it right!
Word of mouth is HUGE in this industry and your clients are your walking advertisements.  Keep each and every one of your clients looking FABULOUS as they walk out the door.  Start a referral program, or even have them bring a friend next time.  Let them see what you do, and offer them a discounted price.  We've all got our ways of winning, and trust me when I tell you - your work will speak for itself.  Everywhere your client goes, work, the gym, shopping their lashes will be noticed.  If they're happy with you, they will reach in their pocket and name/number drop you. *TIP to gain some new clients*
Check out a place in your area that's holding a woman's event.  Bring business cards, and promote! You got this girl!
We always go through this in our trainings, and discuss the importance of different apps that can help you build.  Not only are they tools, but lessons and educating yourself in the right areas will only bring you higher.  I'm talking seminars, trade shows, educating yourself with more training programs etc.  Once you're up to date you will likely come across a few different tools that can help you build your business.  *TIP to gain attention* Here's only a couple apps that have made a significant impact PLANOLY and SNAPSEED - check them out.  They're game changers! 
With all of this being said, there's no limits to the amount of marketing you can do to increase traffic, return customers, and keep your clients loyal.  Good customer service and drive to success will take your business to another level.  
See you at the top,
Andrea Mak

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